Sick for two days, stuck in bed like a blanket burrito unable to code. :-(

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    Just take a good rest, mate.

    However, and just in case you're really bored I will say this: being bedridden doesn't prevent you from having new ideas.
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    Feel better and come back stronger than ever!!
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    Sneakily working on a low-risk internal project so I don't feel totally useless.
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    Haha I see your comment on my rant and now I find out WHY you're blanket burrito-ing!

    Whiskey + honey + sugar + hot water = hot toddy, a Scottish cure all for anything.
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    @nmunro I'll take the whiskey. Neat.
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    A blanket burrito may just be the best phrase I've ever heard.
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    @Jumpshot44 "I code, I die, I code again!"
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