< !-- features request -->
1) I think we should have a left swipe menu open action.Every time I want to open menu I have to go left top of screen.
2) preview of attached image if possible
3) Open images in posts directly without going into post and then image
4) auto play gif !??
5) Make rant favourite without going in ? Like a star symbol I suppose !

Just few thoughts ! Happy ranting ...😊

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    nice! I know @dfox and @trogus always like new ideas from our community.
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    I don't agree with autoplay gif.

    Plus, we should be concerned about mobile data usage
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    Thanks for the suggestions! Some good stuff here. I think the only one we'd stay away from is auto playing gifs for reasons already mentioned plus it could be an annoyance while scrolling through the feed.

    We'll add these to our roadmap planning list.
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    @dfox Thanks a lot ! I m glad I'm somewhat helpful in building this community you guys started 😊 ! Cheers
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