I gotta say... this shit is actually really strong especially when you grind it to espresso “dust”.... and put it in a Moka Pot.... don’t drink more than 2 coffee cups full .... it’s crazy

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    How much until you die?

    Also how much is in one bag? Asking for a friend
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    @12bitfloat $19.99

    And idk I think 5+ cups could actually kill you... 2 cups was more over board for me..
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    1 a day keeps the... well I'm awake anyway.

    🙌 for the strong coffee.

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    Try their Odinforce blend. That's some of the best (and strongest) coffee I've ever had.
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    I don't get the whole thing of buying the strongest of something. Do you enjoy suffering?
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    @BoKKeR it’s actually really good though
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    Caffeineinformer rates that thing at something like 730mg of caffeine/12 ounces. I have a bag but it usually just makes my adhd worse and makes me less productive 😅
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