this is getting ridiculous

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    Isn't this already solved by later versions of node?
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    And then you try to edit a file on Windoze home and can't because name too long. Oh joy.
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    Insert yodawg.gif
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    @kanduvisla I dont know, probably but still, someone at some point looked at this "thing" and found it acceptable.
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    It is indeed fixed, no more nested node_modules. I discovered this couple of weeks ago when opened my node_modules and it had all the main packages and their dependencies in the root level. Its a good thing and the directory doesnt consume 150mb of code anymore 😀
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    Reminds me of the pleasant experience of a failed install of loopback.io. It became a massive pain when I tried to get it removed. The modules were nested so deep, no Windows tool can delete it. I had to descend deep inside the nested structure until I get to the maximum allowed file path length for a delete operation to run and repeat it on every branch.

    I would have written a small tree traversal delete program to do that for me if not for the fact that I'm a complete rubbish when it comes to algorithms and it would have taken me at least 4 hours to do that.

    Turned out deleting the whole thing took me a good 7 hours. I thought Fuck! had I written the the program. The whole ordeal would have not been a completely lost battle.

    The next time it happened, I suddenly remembered Google and downloaded some neat recursive delete program someone put up online.
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    Npm v3+ no longer nests dependencies unless conflicting versions of the same dependency are required. Npm will try to put all the dependencies at the root of node_modules, and only nest dependencies when multiple versions of a package are required.
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    Wow... I didn't know Windows had a limit on long file/folder structures.
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