"I don’t think that all people read in the same way. Today, entire generations are growing up watching MTV and playing video games and it is safe to assume that these people have a high degree of visual sophistication. and are not easily discouraged by a lens straightforward or ambiguous typography. On the contrary, they are attracted and enticed to read something because of visual richness." - Ruby Vanderlans

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    I'm curious how old that quote is. It could be 30 years old. I suspect it is quite old because it claims that there are people that watch MTV.
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    @monkeyboy My thoughts, exactly. Someone watching MTV decades ago might have just liked music, while today said person would be a psychopath.
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    @monkeyboy yeah, the quote aged about as well mtv did. Which is to say, they aged like a piece of kraft cheese left out in the hot sun for a week.
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