I've nearly completed Machine learning Andrew Ng course from Coursera and now I am confused what to do next. Suggestions would be useful.

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    What do you want to do?
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    Stop taking courses and use what you know?
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    @RememberMe I want to learn more about machine learning. I don't know it's breakdown like deep learning, NLP etc
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    Join some Kaggle competitions!

    If you think you've got the hang of machine learning, you could try yo get into neural networks. Tensorflow + Keras is a nice combination, but just Tensorflow really allows you to see what you're actually doing.

    Spacy is nice for NLP.

    But really, search for some Kaggle competitions that interest you and see how far you can get. People share a lot on the platform too, so you'll gradually get better and learn a lot over time.
    Cause in the competitions you'll find out that ML is really cool, but 80% of the time you're wrangling data so it can actually fit in your model.
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