Anyone wondering whether to go to university or not, here's my commits from summer and when uni started...

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    Whoa! It got so green it turned white!
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    When the semester starts, all my side projects will be put on hold (or at least de-prioritized) until I clear all the semester's exams.
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    @cho-uc it's not even that, we're actively encouraged to make what we develop for coursework open source, problem is that we spend so much time doing the research, the builds are just thrown aside as we're judged on academic ability only.
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    The answer is YES, unless you are already preparing for the 'shit I got rejected by 7th company this month, only because I did not have a formality called "Diploma of bachelor degree". Baaaahhh ;((( ' rant.
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    @netikras I agree. Just a pain during the process, though.
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    Wait until you start working !
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    Protip: put all of your school assignments into a repo and commit and push it like code. You never lose assignments, can roll back, and etc.
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    @NoToJavaScript You know what they say…

    The graph is always greener…
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    @irene ... When it rains?
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