Today I talked to a recent full stack developer bootcamp graduate who decided to change careers when she was having a hard time finding a job as a UX designer.

I can't help but judge her by her website. It is beautifully made. The CSS transitions are clean, the details are fine and it had an amazing feel. However, when I took a peak at the console I found out it was made with a SquareSpace template.

With UX background and being a recent fullstack bootcamp graduate, why make it with SquareSpace? It just feels really off. With that background you should at least be able to make a static Gatsby React page and host it on Heroku or Github.

Am I overreacting?

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    Is her self programmed boot camp graduation project showcased on that squarespace site? If so, squarespace does the job at the moment just fine.

    Sure, maybe next year the portfolio should be self made to win a awwward.com. But at this point totally ok. 😊
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