Ok so it turns out i have to get mad so i can be driven to go out and work out, u know to just do some physical exercise

I have no motivation to do that when i am at ease and peace of mind in comfort

I have to get vicious and fucking mad so can someone make me mad?? Preferably a girl cause girls have perfected the art of making me mad

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    I won't do what your name tells me to.

    Go ahead and do something about it >:)

    (U mad yet?)
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    You won't work out.
    You're too lazy.

    Shut the hell your mouth, slob.
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    @jennytengsonM Probably accurate.
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    You're just a sad version of Jay-Jay.
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    @alexbrooklyn @Root @jennytengsonM @Jilano @SHA-16384 Lol now i just saw this what a perfect timing
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    @SukMikeHok Looking back at life and my experience, that might actually be true (no matter what genre/things/whatever).
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    @Jilano actually i sent this screenshot to multiple girls ive been chatting and all of them said that this is true lol what the fuck
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    var one = 1;
    ...hundred something lines of code...
    var two = "2";
    ...hundred more lines of code...
    console.log (one + two);


    Your infuriated just by reading this arent you.
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