That moment when you are a junior frontend developer, you realize you are in probational period + you got a new huge project with a technology you never worked properly before and the only person, who can give you some addvices is going to leave the company in a few weeks... + you will be the only frontend dev. on this project... People I'm scared... 🤯🥺

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    Talk about your concerns to your superior?
    They should hire you a external mentor you can ask once a day?
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    thanks to the probation period, you can leave easily once shit hits the fan
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    @heyheni now, after almost a week on that project, it doesn’t scare me that much as in the first day did. The frontend dev. guy who is going to leave the company doesn’t care much about me (the one, who actually should) but there are another colleagues who have told me to speak to them, if I have any problems.. and I was told it doesn’t matter how long it takes me to finish the tasks (cause they count with me as with junior) and it is not client’s project, but company’s internal project, so it hasn’t any deadlines.. hm let’s see ....
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