Installing a deb file on Manjaro. 😐

Tried Docker...over complicated
Tried dpkg... dependencies nonexistent in manjaro.

Snap packages?

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    why do you specifically need to install a deb file in manjaro? o.o
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    @AleCx04 I wanted to install gb-studio 1.2 alpha build (new features and fixes) . It's available in aur but it's version 1.1
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    You could ether build alien to convert the package or write an Pkgbuild to extracts the data.
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    Your best bet is to grab the AUR PKGBUILD and change the sources inside to point to the alpha version you want to try. Running dpkg on Manjaro sounds like a great way to break...a lot...
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    Build from source?
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    a deb is just a zip file so you could unzip it in your root directory. Probably a bad idea.
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    You may want to try the program "alien", otherwise a proper compiled busybox has a minimalistic dpkg.
    Or just extract the deb manually.
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    I'm pretty sure there is an install guide on how to do that in the arch wiki... Or maybe the manjaro one. I'll come back with a link later when I get a minute.
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    Hmm after few quick checks, it seems to be node project so you could just download source from git and use it?
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    Modify the PKGBUILD or Extract it somewhere not much crowded (.local)
    or use gnu stow...
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    This post got strangely popular. I did figure out a way. I downloaded from source and actually followed the damn instructions. I should have installed from a pkgbuild but I've never done that before. For now I can run the program with "npm start". If I run into a problem I'm going have to learn how to do a pkgbuild.
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    If anyone else needs it this guide runs through a few ways to install debs in an arch based system.
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    Since Manjaro is Arch and it's on AUR, why not just get it from AUR?
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    @inaba I very clearly answered that
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