Interviewing for a Java dev job tomorrow. Any last minute cram suggestions?

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    How is your javascript? 😅
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    Design patterns man, make sure you are familiar with the most widely used inside the application stack that you are going into! that was one thing that got me to my current job. Granted we just mainly maintain old Java apps, but its something that any developer wort enough should know. Best of luck bud! let us know how it goes!
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    what are the differences of oracle java and openjdk?
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    Unit testing / clean code
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    Assuming you are going for a junior role, here's a list of basics to prepare for:

    - Jdk vs jre

    - design patterns [https://refactoring.guru/design-pat...]. you should at least know factory, builder, singleton, prototype, adapter, proxy, chain of responsibility.

    - interface vs abstract: when, why

    - reflection [at least basics: what, why, how, where is used], annotations. AOP.

    - SOLID, explain each letter, give examples

    - IoC [D in SOLID]

    - static and final modifiers for: type, method, field. Why, what, when.

    depending on frameworks/tech stack you will be using there are more topics to prepare for. The above only covers java basics.
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    Oh, and what is jave ee vs jave se
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    @netikras I like this list. I’m gonna save it.
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    They went with a PhD. Oh well. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and stuffs.
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