Is it weird to like being in the office a couple hours before everyone else shows up so I can start my day with peace and quiet?

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    No, I think a lot of people think this

    Less noise, less distraction, less light
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    @alexbrooklyn oooo and boy am I a sucker for working in the dark lmao
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    I torture myself getting up at 5:15 to be early at work and to leave as one of the first, the 2 hours of quiet and harmony in a dark office are wonderful
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    @alexbrooklyn I dont think I could have explained it better myself lmao
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    I love working around Christmas. Empty office, empty streets, empty trains. Best work days
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    @J4s0n dude this is my aesthetic
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    It's weird if you don't also leave a couple of hours before everyone else
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    It's not weird at all dude. Yolo.
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    Also, been there done that during my internship.
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    Is anyone else neurotic about it so that when you wake up late (for you), rush to get to the office and still are the first one in by a lot.
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    @detlefgrohs me, I'll send a message that I'm running late sometimes and still end up being the first one there for my team. Usually it's a race between me and the CTO for who shows up and opens the office.

    But we never leave early, I think we're doing it wrong.
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    @sylar182 Yep, first one in and last one out. What is wrong with us?
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    I'm here at 6am reading this post for exactly the same reason
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    I do the opposite usually where possible, come late, leave later. I can't do mornings :(
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    I used to do this, be the first one in. Consistently. But now I work remotely at a company where the majority of my coworkers live on the East Coast while I’m on the West Coast. So I wake up at 5-6 to try to get in by 6-7 am my time and always feel late. 😭
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