I'll just start off with how I really feel. Fuck big corporations with their career robots and retarded practices!
Now for a story. So I work remotely for most of the time nowadays, since my company has as clients big corporations. Used to be embedded with said clients, but it became kind of painful to work with them all so I asked to be reassigned to a remote position.
Now for the retarded part: The fucking Klingons I'm working with have two tiers to their VPN, but won't let me have the full version because it would be too fucking expensive. I checked and it's fucking 50 bucks per year difference.
So for that the Klingons are making me code through a remote connection that has a "best effort" priority.
Anyway after 3 weeks of writing code at a 400-600ms latency I finally snap.
I try to use a proxy and it. I write one myself, gets balcklisted in 2 days.
After about another week of writing code through a fuck straw I start working on node socket with 2 clients and a server that encrypts the send data, and syncs 2 folders between my workstation and the remote one.
It's been a month now and it is still working. It's not perfect, but I can at least write code without lag.

Question for you peeps: What shenanigans have you pulled to bypass shit like this?

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    Oohh I have done things.. Things clients' itsec folks would decapitate me on-spot. And that is the reason I cannot reveal my secrets.

    But there were asking for it.. Geniuses were blocking their own domain! It's like you are working for Amazon, working on-prem and they are blocking all calls to *.amazon.com ....
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    Back in the early days of the Internet, the computers in our faculty were (eventually) blocked from connecting outside the University, which unacceptably interfered with our access to TinyMUD inter alia.

    So I wrote a little daemon that would just sit and wait for incoming connections, and act as a proxy, forwarding everything back and forth to a remote address. (These days, of course, we have netcat.) Had a friend run it in a different department with external access, and life was good again.

    Eventually someone is caught using this to access a MUD (oh, horror!) and our department's sysadmin goes trawling through all our home directories, and finds my little daemon's source code. I am interrogated: where did I get this? who wrote this?

    The sysadmin could not accept that an undergraduate could read some RFCs and some man pages, and write some C.
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    Often I would sometimes do things like set up SSH through the windows update port which they didn't block. Or I set up a remote file share and mounted the remote folder basically turning the VM into storage so I could use my own tools. There are some hacky ways to take less bandwidth than a remote desktop.

    Honestly I would probably just tell them that I am going to "start evaluating other options" because their tools are not something that I can cope with.
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    You, Sir, are clearly a wizard. Pay thanks to your magics that helped you wrangle a shitty situation into submission.
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