WTF debian? no mysql server or client in your package lists?

Ah i see, its just not stable enough...

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    Might want to search for mariadb-(client|server) instead?
    They changed to it with Debian 9...
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    Postgres > MariaDB > MySql
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    Yeah, Debian prioritizes MariaDB, which is a libre fork of MySQL, since it got acquired by (O)ne (R)ich (A)sshole (C)alled (L)arry (E)llison.
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    Also, all the mysql commands work for MariaDB. Same commands, same syntax. Same DB structure, as far as I know.
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    @bahua There are differences, sometimes important ones, but Maria is a drop-in replacement in almost every case. Often, it just does the same things better and the difference is transparent.
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