WTF is this bullshit?!! I set an alarm on my phone for 9:00 and 9:15 just in case... The alarms went off at 10:00 and 10:15, now I am an hour late for work. Just how does that even work?!!! Yeah, time changes but you don't change the fucking alarm Huawei! FFS... I really don't look forward to explaining this...

Also.. devRant on mobile seems to be broken? :( @dfox

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    Phones just move all the time forward, including alarms and everything for the sake of regularity, so I guess not much you can do abt that. Also if they force you to go to work on Sundays that's cruel
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    @dfox android app is stuck on this forever
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    @dudeking but that's not how it should work... you either change the time or the alarm... not both!

    If my phone stayed at the previous time but moved my alarms to wake me up at 9:00/9:15 according to the new time then everything would be fine... I would be confused as to what time it is but I would be an hour late. The same goes just for changing the time as if a timezone change occured, if it only changed the time and referrenced the alarms relatively to the time then everything would be as expected, I would not even notice the time changed.
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    @bytecode did you force close and restart? I've been very used to that blank devrant forever.
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    It compensated for the dst change twice. If it rang relative to the epoch time it would have rang at 8.

    I don't know how apps normally handle this situation as I've never had an alarm this Sunday. Why do you even work today?
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    Yeah man, my time perception is fucked too. It's better we don't trust technology at all.
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    @dudeking @electrineer I work for a non-profit, most people there work during thier free time(when they are not at their normal job) now... the catch is that I am actually paid for my time because it is my primary job, while other people do it for free or some symbolic compensation (that and the fact I am the second most experienced android dev. there is probably why I get 99% of the most important and difficult tasks (and have to work when everyone else does))
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    @bytecode what version of android are you using and what device?
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    Why doesn't save the app the time in utc±0 and converts it into the local time?
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    @dark- it probably did, and that was the problem.

    It should have saved the alarm in local time.

    Or, it can save in UTC but it needs to know the user's location at the time the timepicker is displayed, so the correct timezone is used when converting to UTC.
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    My phone automaticly changes only the current hour. My alarms always work on the hour i set them on.
    (But sometimes my speaker dosent work so...)
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    @bytecode can you please try in the latest Android build we just released (version
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    @dfox will do, I tried force stopping the app and clearing all data but nothing helped, so fingers crossed

    Edit: The newest build works! Thanks 😊
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    @dfox oh, missed your previous comment...

    I am using Honor 6X (BLN-L21) with stock Android 7.0/EMUI 5.0.3, build number BLN-L21C432B382
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    @bytecode thanks for testing and glad it’s working now!
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