I'm so disappointed about these day developers, they rather make web than native app. Google technologies ? pls. The only reason why they afraid to make app on the windows 10 is losing customer of their crappy Chrome OS, oh not to mention they don't even have the stable SDK for their native solution on the ChromeOS. So they trick developers to make web more than native, PWA, SPA ? why dont you just make a native windows applications ????

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    1. Like you said in your last rant, there are 4 APIs for windows
    2. PWAs just need an editor, a modern browser and at least the MDN. Desktop apps need an editor/ide, an windows pc, compiler and the libs
    3. PWAs work in any modern browser on nearly every os. Only win32 "works" via wine on other os. You are locked in with the other options.
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    is it bad to use widely tested technologies that makes possible to reduce the hurdle of developing for each OS?

    welcome to devrant, this is not twitter btw, so you don't use # and the tags are comma separated.
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    It's all about getting shit to the people.

    These days people don't want to download stuff or don't even have the right to install things.
    I'd love to make games with C++ from scratch. No CORS, no addEventListener('load'), no lag, just your fucken code to the metal.

    But who'd try it then? Not a single fucken soul.
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    Why not use QT than?
    Yeah, fat framework, I know, but in my humble opinion it's still much better than using JS for everything.

    I aggree with OP, that there should be more native apps, and if you ask me personally, that can be deciding factor on what I will choose over something else.

    Even if that's some dotnet app, Im more happy to use it than electron app. **cough, cough, slack, discord, and milions of others** why I need to have so many chrome instances -_- It hurts my ram...

    I would.
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