Man, I love how G++ (and every other Gnu tool for that matter) makes 0 effort to understand what you fucked up, and they only tell you where they got stuck. What am I supposed to do with this error that doesn't contain a single reference to my project?

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    When I face error from unknown stuff not in my project its because:
    1. In React/RN: Metro bundler needs reset cache
    2. NodeJs needs reset cache
    3. Gradle needs reset cache
    4. XCode needs derived data cleared (aka reset cache)
    5. Flutter: remove build folder

    Life is funny sometimes .-.
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    @gitpush There's no cache for gcc afaik, and I don't know why the stl would suddenly get corrupted, so I really think this is my fault, if only it told me at least in which file that would be awesome.
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    Do you use c++20?
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    The error messages in templates really suck donkeys in C++. In C++20 with concepts, you can finally fucking tell the compiler more about the data types that are even allowed in a template.
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    @Lor-inc File should be player.cpp or Player.h, depending on whether you have a bug in the type definition or in the code.

    And btw, why do you have Player.h with capital P?
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    Can't beat Clojure errors
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    @Fast-Nop Because my dumb ass created the file on my phone. Will fix it eventually.
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