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    yess thanks you good fellow developers :D
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    I've done this myself a few times, feels good to be appreciated *nods* :P
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    I once found my solution and came back answering like 4 similar questions that had no answers.
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    @tpalmerstudios How can you say that? The Open source developer community is the most magnanimous, we've been literally giving out hours and hours of work (Which would be worth a lot of money) for free for other devs in the community, and we also share our problems and solutions on the various forums that we've built
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    @bhargav-mogra lol! a little sarcasm in my answer (sorry.) but in general it takes me a long time to find answers to all my problems.
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    @henseiderv You, sir, are a very good man
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    Don't bring religion to work, please.
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    Those users are saints. I get goosebumps every time I see a post that says, "update: I figured out what was causing..."
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    this should be a superhero: Captain Debug
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    @jimmeh sometimes I sign up only to reply: "Would you kindly share the solution with the rest of us?"
    And him: "Uh, I don't remember"
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    Yes, thanks to all the random people who have helped me without knowing eachother
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    @tass on behalf of all the random people, 'no problem, happy to be of service' 😄
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    Amen !
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