I signed a contract with a company that promised flexible working hours, homeoffice (100%) and no traveling. A month after starting traveling begun. Never had a day homeoffice (even though I only asked for it ONE time. And flexible hours my ass. Should I leave? I mean the payment is ok, not awesome but ok. Plus how those guys work there is a hell of a clusterfuck... Kind of depressed because of this situation :/

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    I take it those things were not in the contract?
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    You were promised something and they broke your promise. They literally lied to you. It would be different if there had to be compromises made later down the line, but this is literally a month after.

    I say leave. Your time is worth more then working for people who can't even keep to their word for at least a quarter of a year.
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    Go to HR and tell them right. Either let them pay you way more or let them give what they promised.
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    @Demolishun sadly they are :/
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