Why are people so stupid?

Everything you tell them is like hot air for them.
For example, we told them not to write down passwords and what are they doing? They write them down.
We tell them not to install private software on their work phones and what are they doing? They install private software.
We tell them to lock their workstations If they aren't at their place. But their not doing it.

I really hate people...

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    fuck up their pc, frame them for data breaches, change their account credentials to scare them
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    I don't know if you've tried to talk about these issues with them, @OP, but that would be a good first step.
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    @alexbrooklyn very nice idea ;}
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    @Jilano I've tried but now I'm tired of trying
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    So, do you enforce long, mixed passwords AND force them to change them every 3 months? That's why they write them down, OF COURSE they do.

    Do you give them all the SW they need on the phones without bizarre bureaucracy? If not, that's why they install them.

    Do you enforce group settings that lock the screen after 5 minutes automatically? If not, that's why they aren't locked.
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    @Fast-Nop we had some breaches here, that's why we need them not to write them down

    They have all the software they need for work, they don't need private apps like Snapchat, Instagram, etc on their work phone

    If we automate everything, we don't need any people here
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    @psvisualdesign Look, non-nerds can't remember good passwords, and especially not if they are forced to change them regularly. Deal with this reality and find a solution that works with real people.

    If they have all SW on their phones, how come they are even able to install SW? Never thought about group policy administration, user rights and so on? What are your admins even doing?

    And yeah, it's the job of tech folks to automate stuff, otherwise we could still be using typewriters. Group policy FTW again.

    I'd say, hire some experienced admins who have at least some vague ideas of how to do their job.
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    Same reason you probably don't wash your dishes, even when told a million times to do so.

    People who say they hate people hate their own nature and themselves too.
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