Me: hm yes this will be easiest in python

Me, 10 minutes later: fuck python why am i using this piece of shit

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    10 minutes more: fuck yes it’s already working, glad I chose python!!
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    What are you trying to accomplish
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- its done i just hate python
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    @tekashi see? My point exactly

    I don’t know the complexity of your project specifically, but oftentimes when I choose python for a project, it’s a complex task that is extremely easy to solve with python
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    @devs its not done because python is good, its done because i am good. I chose it because i had pycharm open on my laptop.
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    Oh my goodness. Some time ago the rants were good. But this "I hate language x" s*cks :(
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    @AndiLeni dont care didnt ask plus you are white
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