* looks nice when written
* painful to write nicely

* looks horribly when written
* easy to write

* looks cryptic when written, hard to follow
* difficult to write

* looks somewhat nice if written well
* easy to write

* looks crippled
* a breeze to write

it's like nice'n'easy doesn't even exist..

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    Have you heard of Kotlin? You almost have to try to write an unreadable mess.

    And you can not only compile it to Java, it has cross-compile support to JS and even compiles to fully native binaries without Java if you want (which is called "Kotlin/Native")
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    Have you tried kotlin and swift?
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    ruby is easy to write and read. but everything is abstracted away.
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    @kescherRant nope, haven't tried yet. Will do someday :) maybe 😁

    but since it does not compile to ios/osx, I guess it won't be the next language I'll ve learning
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    Clojure is fun.
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    PHP fits your requirements
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    @Jilano 😁 in what sense? 😁
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    It's easy to write shit code in PHP that will be hard to read.

    Yes, good code is possible, but PHP codebases sadly excerbate the most code smell in my experience, even though it would not have to be like that.

    That being said, more recent PHP versions try to eliminate some of that smell so perhaps PHP 8 will enforce some cleaner code?
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    Out of curiosity: why is python considered to be hard to write nicely?
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    @zeters personal opinion, from personal xp. Indentations' madness, types' madness, pythonisms,.. It takes a while to polish mechanisms to be error-proof [usual oop errors + type errors] and nice to read
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    Golang is great fun with a lot of clean code built in, but always depends on your goals of course
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    I like to blame programmers not the language. Though there are a few that are really ugly by nature (like Powershell).

    PHP is fine in my opinion. Shell is hell to write. Especially when you need to consistently handle errors or escape stuff (quote hell).
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    @netikras @kescherRant articulated it perfectly. But the feeling you get from a language is personal after all. So what works for me might not for you
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    * Looks nice when written
    * Easy to write, easy to read
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    Kotlin is only fun to read as long as the developer behind the code does not use tons of self declared stuff. Then it's a mess.
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    @netikras Kotlin/Native complies to iOS
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    @peenoise allright, last I was looking for this I only found that it does not. And someone on dR also said that is does not. Can you share any references?
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    okay, it does.. I'll have to look into it. Maybe I won't have to learn swift after all!


    p.S. That native interface looks awfully similar to JNI 😁
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    People say rust has difficult and strange syntax, but I find it appealing and readable. Sometimes feel differently once lifetime modifiers are added in though
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    @bvs23bkv33 please stop shouting
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    @--------------- try whitespace someday
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    Don't hate me if i say html is best
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    I love PHP to death. Hi haters 😂😂
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    PowerShell is easy to read and easy to write
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    That's just like.. your opinion man
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