do you have any stories on times people thought you were hacking when you were coding

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    Yeah after missing my Reykjavik > Amsterdam flight, I stayed up all night coding on a new UI and some teens thought I was clearly a hacker 👍 I didn't wear the ski mask tho 🙃
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    every time i touched a pc ---> uR a HaCkEr

    although i did not code at that time. now i do and no one calls me that :(
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    Coding in coffee shops not even once. You will land the occasional angry stare from a social climbing thot.

    Also in the Philippines where you have this computer rental shops. I got chummy with the shop owner and asked him to reserve me one of their best units for the whole day so I can code in midst of these smelly gamers. Some kid behind me was so certain I was a hacker. 😂
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    @jennytengsonM computer rentals? Whuuuut
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