Sometimes I want to chat in private with my rants friends here but unfortunately the dev rant there's no option for private messages.

This is bad.

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    Just post private messages in the joke/meme category, nobody has that filter on anyway
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    @alexbrooklyn yes, but sometimes I would like share some codes or something else when someone asks for help about coding.

    I don't know, a private interaction would be nice too.
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    Just exchange some other username on any communication service.
    PMs would be an extremely bad idea.
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    That's what the webpage field in your profile is for. Adding private messaging to this would open a massive can of shitty, shitty worms, in terms of privacy and data retention.
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    @bahua Easily fixed:
    No PMs.
    Add a chat feature without storing messages. Add option for users to block all chat messages. Done.
    No spam, no data retention problems.
    Drawback : If you leave the page, well, you lose all messages (Just keep 2 tabs open and you’ll be fine).
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    Now after I read all yours points.

    I still think at least have something like secret chat of telegram, you send what you want to, after 10 secs or leave the chat is deleted.
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