Things that make me angry:


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    That's not a valid regex
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    echo rm -rf *
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    @jespersh It is a valid glob tho.
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    I have told you multiple times...
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    mmmmmmm mm


    Hhhhhhh))((((((((((((((((((::::::::::::hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am in such deep mental pain today
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    Well, you're right.

    But it's at the extent that I really hate everything that's kind of negative or merely neutral and up to my way.
    Including your shitty comment.
    Jup. Shove it.

    People (me) do not like to brag about an alcoholic & abusive (by character and physically) father, a Stockholm-syndrome mother, emotional abusive girlfriend and a fucked up career.
    Just right after offering 15 years of society mostly social) development with national assemblies, ministries and the Bundestag. Wich, thanks to todays political circumstances, go up in flames through leftist hatespeech by which Adolf himself is being resurrected and instated as Führer despise the zombie he is.

    Call me a helper syndrome autist.
    Thanks for the trigger, @SukMikeHok.
    And yes, fuck you too.
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    You're a consistent character.
    Thanks for the upvote on my offensive elaboration.
    It provides hope on ability to discourse.
    Maybe you shall not die as much as the rest of this world.
    And your trigger truly helped me vent that shit. I was real when thanking you therefore.
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    @scor be Real wit me or Die wit me💪
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    Multiplication makes you angry ? 😬
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