Have any of you ever wondered why it is so difficult to stay focused on a project when there are so many things wrong and have so many ideas to fix it?

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    @Sh4d0w Please, give me the secret to success
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    One aspect might be that many ideas sound very exciting, while actually implementing is far more boring. So your mind wanders off.
    Writing them down may put your mind at ease because you won't forget them. I have a kanboard (=Trello alternative) instance running in a docker container, filled to the brim with ideas. I believe my mind wanders off less now. Since it's easy to setup, maybe it's worth a try?
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    @VaderNT Nice! Thanks for the idea!
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    Write the ideas down so you don't forget them and choose a priority for each of them
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    Stimulants, such as ritalin or adderall definitely help
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