Had some troubles getting audio to work in Arch Linux. Turns out that it was just muted...

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    Dude..!! Arch linux ❤️
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    Ahh, what a good day!
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    this happened to me as well, turns out my headphones were unplugged
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    The amount of times, I have tried to debug, why my audio interface is not working, by checking drivers, unplugging and replugging the USB cable etc. - only to discover: the amp is switched off - is embarassingly high.
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    ha ha ha

    ~ genuine laugh
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    I feel you
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    Am I the only one, or the audio quality with Bluetooth speakers is still a little bad? Does anyone know of a workaround. I have tried everything I found for pulseaudio?
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    That's cool but if you strip Kubuntu from KDE you'll immediately have four separate volumes of separate layers with no coordination whatsoever and one of them doing nothing (because why make it a function when you can check a file every decisecond. It isn't even on temp, it's a real file. Fuck KDE.)
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