For years I've had this friend, since high school, and now we are 21. Our paths had always been different, i decided to go to a technical high school that provides more specialized education (around IT in this case) and he went to a normal high school that provides a more wide range of knowledge and barely anything related to what we both wanted to study. Different tastes for different people huh? Well sure but during that time he was being snobbish towards me because normal high schools are considered more prestigious, or rather, technical high schools are infamous for attracting lazy students or students that don't wanna move up to a university.

We fought a few times over this, sometimes even stopped talking for long periods of time but we always got back together. A few years later, after our university entry exams I joined what roughly translates to technical university, its just more focused on practical IT stuff with a lot of lab courses every semester. He joined a more academically inclined one that is half economics and half IT (applied informatics). And now he has another thing to be snobbish about since the relation between the 2 unis is similar to that between the high schools but I don't care anymore, I don't feel like im missing out on anything with my choices.

3 days ago he called me on discord to check his python script and why it wasn't working. Good Odin that piece of code was worse that anything I've seen. Littered with global variables, inconsistent function and variable names, duplicate code, unused variables. I was honestly shocked and disappointed cos he always mentions different projects he is working on, an aspiring web developer.

I took those 300 hundred lines of atrocity and turned them into 80. But more importantly it was something that worked and did the damn job well. A thing of beauty.

I don't know if he was more surprised that i got it working or that it was so different from his initial "solution".

All of a sudden he is not so dismissive of me...

Fuck you for underestimating me and every choice I made to get here.

P.S. I kept his original code, always gives me a shit eating grin.

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    Yet there you were, doing the grunt work for him 😏
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    @HughRant In my eyes he is still a friend, though with some major flaws but a friend nonetheless. Did I get played? Maybe, but i am happy i made something nice.
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    @Khepu There is satisfaction in refactoring, regardless who its for. I get that.
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    If only you could have seen the look on his face :)
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    @alexbrooklyn That would be something indeed :P
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    thats awesome
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    I went to a tech school for college. People in high school made fun of me for doing that. I got done in 3 years. I was working as an engineer when most of them were trying to decide on a major. Considering the state of higher learning in the USA I think I made the best choice for me.
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    Revenge of the nerds.
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    You know what's worse in this? That when you both apply for a job, the dumb HR might prioritize your friend's resume because he/she will think just like your friend. It really sucks.

    P.S. I do not want to discourage you and I apologize if I did that.
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    @ColdFore You are right in what you say, provided there is no technical interview :) In any other case yeah he might get the job. Don't worry about discouraging me, literally can't be done.
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    Its cool
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