"Please disable AdBlock to view the content."

No. I'll just leave. Bye.

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    Step 1: Right click
    Step 2: Inspect
    Step 3: Select the modal overlay
    Step 4: Delete
    Step 5: Profit
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    I very much prefer "please disable adblock" to "please get an account and login" which is the alternative. I don't use adblock since I understand that sites need the ad money to produce their contents. But I do use noscript since i loath ads that moves, sounds and use half of my CPU power.
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    or the one with 'you cannot view this site through private browsing, please sign in'
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    Same here!
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    @stormwise the hero we all need
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    @vasuvg just use unlock origin and nanodefender combo, blocks all the anti-adblocks effectively.
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    turn off JS, reload
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