"Please disable AdBlock to view the content."

No. I'll just leave. Bye.

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    that cracked me up so hard 😂😂
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    Sometimes I do deactivate it, get bitch slapped by all the ads and activate it again
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    Leaving is the best tactic but in case you can't, I'll leave this here:

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    I do exactly the same, on principle.

    If your web content is so great, ask me to pay for it and leave out the ads. If it's good, I'll pay. But if you think it's better to litter your content with crappy, obtrusive, annoying ads, that shows me you don't even believe in your own content, so fuck you with your uncle's wooden leg and I hope you get a splinter.
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    I go one step further, and add the site to my ad blocker rules.
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    @Letmecode most people do not think so. They cannot understand the effort behind this work, believing that everything on the web is owed free.
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    I usually, if I really want to see the content, spend more time removing the message with dev tools than what it would have taking me to just disable ublock
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    Just install an ad-blocker-blocker-blocker.
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    Ditto for: "To find out about our product pricing, fill out this form to contact one of our sales team"
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    @devs This is amazing
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    I use NoScript to restrict specific content..More precise that way.
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    What about that "Anti Anti-AdBlock"? It works most kf the times, so...
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    @slaat just when you try to play nice.
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    @benoliver999 yes, it really is! Some guy posted it here in devRant the other day. I don't remember who unfortunately
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    Oh god i hate when businesses do that
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    AdBlock should remove this sites from Google search, saves lifetime ^^
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    @angery you could also install a browser they had JS disabled... But im too lazy...
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    I use the Decreased Productivity Chrome extension. Ads don't matter if they're white anyway!
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    "Please disable AdBlock to view the content."

    ME: Say no more. *Right Click -> Inspect Element*
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    @loserboi That's no longer effective, unfortunately. The site detects the deleted ads, and reinstates them.

    Don't these jerks realize we're not interested?!
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    1. Fuck Forbes
    2. uBlock origin for life!
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    You know, earlier today I had that exact same thought.. Almost posted that same thought here too. O.o


    @loserboi, there was one site I tried that with today, except the sneaky fuckers actually replaced the contents of `<body>` with their "disable your blocker" message. Can't remember the site now though..
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    This is the time when I use dev tools, when I am not working, I mean.
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    I do the same all time !😎😆@angery
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    I find it pretty funny when I see this on sites where the content is written on countless other sites as well. Don't assume yourself to be some incredibly unique service when you're just a glorified blog. It's so easy to just leave and look at another site. I've found no instance yet where I've actually needed to disable it, it's like they don't understand the internet.
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    Made my day...!!!
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    Or you could just put cache: in front of the url (eg. cache:https://whatever.com) and get google's cached copy.
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    Usually it's as easy as Inspect+Delete
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    u dont need to disable adblock. if u r using adzsafe.i was also using it and it work perfectlty for me.adzsafe adzsafe is an anti adblock. It disables adblock from operating in user's browser.
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    I do it everytime, that fucker shows up!!!
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    - "please disable your adblocker"

    - Presses F12, hits development tools in whatever browser I'm using.

    - Deletes a couple offending divs and changes the CSS for the article to not be display:none.

    - Enjoys.

    * Your experience may differ.
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