Fuck, I love my new Varmillo keyboard with black silents, its actually somehow quieter than my colleagues membranes. The membranes those guys use have a sharper "thump", whereas mine sounds muted.

Before buying a mechanical for use at work, I watched a lot of youtube videos on sound comparisons between different switches. I was worried about the noise levels because it didn't seem like there was a whote lotta difference between a dampened switch and a regular switch. It seems like everyone is cramming a microphone right on top of the switches and not a whole lot recording from further distances.

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    The videos are all shitty. Most just push the keys like crazy, then they all seem to be loud.

    I have silent red and they are also just as loud as the rubber keyboards. I would prefer brown switches, because of the feedback, my last keyboard had brown switches, but sadly there are no brown silent, so I use red silent.

    But it all depends on the personal typing style, you can type noisy with any keyboard.
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    I usually go for the loudest, because it feels good, when it actually sounds like work is being done.
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    Your work might, just as well, be gunning down people with a MG.
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