Just out of curiosity...

How much of your daily work time do you actually work? :D

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    i refuse to answer with fear that one day my employers might get devrant accounts :D
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    3-4 hours? 😆
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    I'd guess 3-4h
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    Usually close to 8 hours / day of work, if you subtract interruptions it becomes closer to 1 hour if i'm lucky.
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    Using devRant counts as working?
    It has to, right?
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    %30 9gag
    %20 stackoverflow
    %50 Thinking about how i am unemployed
    %50 Taking beginner math classes
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    @cors same for me
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    Does "work" include scrolling through forums to figure out why the thing you broke is broken and looking for a comic to accurately depict your emotion about this?
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    In a 7.5 hour day? About 7 hours.

    I feel like I'm the exception here D:
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    @OMGtechy you either are an exception, or you are counting as working activities that others aren't.
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