Before update:
WhatsApp: Opens in literally one second

After Update:
Takes few seconds because of that brand new splashscreen -_-
And it looks ugly too ...

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    My thoughts exactly
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    Ugh, haven't even noticed yet. Fucking noobs.
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    Really? Lemme update and see.
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    @Sh4d0w unfortunately
    @sboesch so you don't have it? or it doesn't get enough time to show?
    @orhun You will regret .-.
    @torbuntu pretty much yes :\
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    WhatsApp, more like uninstalled
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    It only lasts for the transition animation for me so no seconds. And I have an old phone.
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    @kescherRant I wish I could uninstall it, but I need it to communicate with my classmates
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    @torbuntu They'll reduce that delay next update to claim a faster start time.
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    I force my classmates to use something else if they need something from me. We even have email.

    Or they could just use another messemger not owned by Facebook.

    It works.
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    @Jilano thanks for the idea, i will also introduce this in my app to claim performance improvement in the next update.
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