Why are these styluses so cheap ($.44 )

Yet the S Pen is like $30? I'm just looking for a still that works with my OP6. Am I missing something?

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    Different tech by the look of it.

    Capacitive styluses are just faking your finger. And yeah, they're super cheap and easy to make, work with basically every touch tech (since you can just poke harder for resistive), they're convenient.

    Looks like the S pen is inductive (and capacitive, but ignoring that...) so it's much more like a Wacom or Apple pencil or other drawing tablet stylus (tho there are a few techs there). Can/should be much higher precision than capacitive screens are usually capable of (since they're built for fingers primarily). Like, it can probably tell down to a couple pixels, vs a couple mm. Which doesn't matter when poking giant buttons, but does for handwriting.

    That'll only work on devices that support it tho, so definitely don't get an S pen unless you have something that'll recognize it that way. On other devices it's just an overpriced fake finger.
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    @groxx, you nailed it. I had a Samsung Tablet which didn't support an inductive pen. I've bought a capacitive pen but did not really need it (Finger worked just fine). My next one should be an iPad Pro
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