What are people's thoughts on having a personal website/portfolio?

I've set one up on GitHub pages with my custom URL, mainly to host SQL tutorials etc that I make, but do employers look at them?

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    Yes. It depends per company but we look through your whole github if you link one.
    We do not check for structure within code (hobby projects are messy). But we do look at logic and consistency.

    We also look at blog posts.
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    A company that likes your personal project usually is a sign of good company
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    I don't know if they look at them, but it does help in providing more information than what you would put on a resume.
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    Personal projects / GitHub yes, personal websites - I wouldn't bother, unless you're specifically going into web design and want to show off a bit.
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    AFAIK, people, in general, are interested in your code repositories. Some may look at your website and explore further
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