Every time I rant about JS, I get accused of:
- being a noobie
- not "REALLY" understand JS
- being an incel
- being dumb or low IQ

I'm starting to see a pattern of behavior, similar to the far right or far left political people on Twitter, and highly religious people.
I know, correlation != causation but it makes me think that maybe emotional attachment to ideas is bad for the brain

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    You dumb, low IQ noobs don't REALLY understand JS.

    Have I told you how awesome and sexy it is? 😁
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    Then again, people usually don't accuse JS of having moods. Or that they are never really sure what happens upon a particular input because they have understood how shit works. That's usually noob complaints.

    Also, few people manage to have a sexist JS rant like this one by you: https://devrant.com/rants/2298844/...

    I guess that's why that strange experience is rather with you than with JS rants in general, that's the pattern here.
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    Lets not label everything. Anything trendy will have strong opposing views. Thats all there is to know. Falling in the immature game or pointing it out makes you part of that game. The immature one.

    Edit typo.
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    @Fast-Nop couldn’t have said it better myself.
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    @Fast-Nop savage. My immature theory just got confirmed.
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    I'm not anti js. I'm anti wrong tool for the job... And I'm seeing an increasing amount of occurrences where said tool is js
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    Nah, every language has some downsides, and lately many people have been bashing JS either for solving X differently than their preferred language, or because they've had problems using JS for things it wasn't made for (e.g. writing complex algorithms).

    People are just tired of hearing how "npm suck" from someone running multiple virtual environments to achieve the same result with Python, or how JS doesn't have a "traditional" standard library from someone who needs a 10MB library for HTTP requests because Java SE builtin HTTP client needs 100+ lines of code just to do some simple requests against a REST API in a non-blocking, thread-safe way.

    Besides, 1/2 "complaints" about JS are jokes which intentionally ignore some aspects to make them funnier - if you repost those in a serious tone, you ARE an idiot who doesn't understand JS.
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    @Fast-Nop wrong, not a noobie, I'm doing this since "frameset cols" was the hype.
    also wrong, I'm not alone in this experience.
    and also wrong, not a sexist, I just find some things funny and I am not afraid of highly moral beings like yourself accusing me for cracking a laugh or saying a joke
    Relax man, this site is for fun... otherwise go to Twitter
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    @nicomengual I didn't say that you are a noob, just that the kind of complaints is usually by noobs. That's because everyone has an initial "WTF is going on" phase initially regardless of the language, but after a while, you know what's being played because you've been burnt often enough.

    As for the other aspect, I didn't find that too funny in a mixed dev environment, but maybe @Root or @bashleigh can explain that a little better.
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    @Fast-Nop i don't see the sexism, description is fitting and slightly funny.
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    Let me explain it in a way you might understand

    The way you wrote your post looked like this

    JavaScript === women && women == 'difficult to understand'

    Where you should've written your post like this

    JavaScript === 'difficult to understand'

    Yea you was trying to be funny and I don't really care. I just think you should be a better dev by using better conditions. lols <-- me indicating sarcasm
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    Nobody wants to reply 😂😂😂 clearly I'm right then 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️ guess I'll go make some sandwiches
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    Maybe your rants just suck
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