I'm intentionally resigning from my remote software development job to teach my company a lesson. The guy who wrote the codes previously really knew how to cook spaghetti 😀😂.

To add a single line takes minutes, because when you do something else breaks, and you'll keep fixing what breaks when you tried fixing what breaks when you try fixing what..... endless loop of bug-fix cycle.

Now they blame it on me.

They won't understand if they don't get someone new, my reputation will fix itself through that..

My first opinion after sighting the codes was, "re-write the whole project using better patterns and architecture", the reply as you can guess, we'll do that later.

I couldn't even upgrade the server to use even PHP 7.1 because the framework breaks, the guy has editted a lot from the vendors files. Don't ever try composer updates.

Two word to describes the situation. "It sucks".

The previous developer needs to be shot, literally.

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    And that bad code was the devRant code here or why else is it tagged devrant?
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    wait wait, hol' on right there boi.

    Patterns? In PHP?

    No, that's not how it's done. I mean patterns are only for Java and clean code is a useless crap!

    Just keep editing those files until it works!

    /s /s /s
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    You know the proverbial monkey that randomly types something useful if given enough time? You sir, are the monkey right now. Empathy felt.
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    @Demolishun Feels more like the OP is the proofreader of the monkey.
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    No op is scientists who has to fix the monkeys book because of publisher deadlines
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    Well, it’s normal. It’s PHP.
    Every PHP project / framework is like that with a bunch of echo for debug.
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    So I resigned from the job eventually. The company hired another programmer and his first idea was like "you have to rebuild this shit". I'm happy I stopped fixing their shit at the expense of my own happiness. 😊
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