Updated my Mac this afternoon to macOS Catalina. Apart from rearranging all my apps in Launchpad, the major change I notice is that the terminal is using zsh instead of bash... ok... cool. I don't know anything about zsh... what differences can I expect? Should I go back to bash?

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    * Themeing(?) support
    * Better autocompletions
    * you can cd without typing cd -- you can type directory names or .. and use them as commands
    * Fuzzy-searching when using up/down arrows for recent commands ("git" and up/down cycles through all recent git commands)
    * Different wildcard handling (this will screw you up at first)

    That's probably what you'll notice right away. It has quite a few other features, too. It's nice, and it's the first shell I've found myself preferring over bash.
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    @Root Ok I’ll use it for now. See how I like it
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    It’s pretty sweet, and you’ll pick up it quick if you’re already familiar with bash
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    @Root <---- she covered it pretty well man :D enjoy!
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    If it runs in bash it runs in zsh, so I’m not complaining xD
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