Oh yes I know how it feels.

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    Ctrl+r FFS
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    I grep for it in ~/.bash_history
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    @arantr This command is probably the most holy gift the Gods of terminals have given to us. Never thought I would say this, but the day I found this out is still in my memories.
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    history | less
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    Personally, i use fish with vi shortcut. It saves me so much time :D
    Sometime it's like your terminal can read your mind XD
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    zsh is the holy grail for this, you start typing the command and press up and it gives you the last commands that start with the given text.
    Ex.: you did `tar -czf test.pdf test.tar` , if you type `tar` and press up it gives you the whole `tar -czf test.pdf test.tar` 😍
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    Totally relatable.. "I know I made this command not too long ago, so just scroll back a bit.. Or was that on the other server?"
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    @azous it's even better than you advertise. It gives you the last command containing the string, not just starting with. Love zsh!
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    I'd usually do; history | grep <command>
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    I love u fzf's (https://github.com/junegunn/fzf) replacement for Ctrl + R which allows you to fuzzy search in your history.
    Apart from being an awesome tool anyways.
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    404 post not found. Can't believe this passed 400 already
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    Definitely agree with ctrl+r and grepping bash_history. But I've always wanted this to just work: for when you overshoot the command with ctrl, use ctrl+s to go back, brilliant when it works without stty -ixon http://superuser.com/q/472846/...
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    @FractalSystems Thank you! That's gonna help me a lot :)
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    xD so its not only me 😂😂
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    Reverse search watahell people
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    $ cat ~/.initrc

    ## arrow up


    ## arrow down


    From: https://askubuntu.com/questions/...
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