Some guy my girlfriend knows, heard I'm a software developer. He had this 'great' idea on how he wanted to start a new revolutionary way of paying on the internet. He wanted to create a service like paypal but without having the hassle of logging in first and going through a transaction. He wanted a literal "buy now" button on every major webshop on the internet. When I asked him how he thought that would work legally and security wise, he became a bit defensive and implied that since I'm the tech guy I should work out that kind of stuff. When the software was ready, he would have clients lined up for the service and his work would start.

I politely declined this great opportunity

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    "this great opportunity" - i love that haha
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    If the person with an idea isn't capable to understand at least basic securing or at least think about the consequences, then such person shouldn't open mouth about software related to online payments. Just my 2 cents.
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    Wow, I can't imagine having a client like that...Kudos on politely declining that greatness
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    Better to go for that Nigerian prince offer
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    You could use IP-tracking, getting device info and such but you would always need some kind of first time login or something like that
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    Actually Klarna kinda does this. They credit check you, you get the product, and then they send you an invoice.
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    Not a chance this would work without some custom setup on each site. This is kind of a single sign on issue, though it's not going to be achievable without input from every site :/
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    This is the reason I love devrant, there are people actually discussing the possibility
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    @amumei Nigeria has a prince? :p
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    @veslav yeah, duh, your distant cousin
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    @KeyWeeUsr well, if a person is open minded but just isn't aware or security then that doesn't mean they should keep silent.
    Having said that, this guy going all defensive when you try and make him aware has lost the right.
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    @Saborknight Are we talking about the same guy, who probably never touched a piece of code and most likely after agreement with the dev would start demanding fast coding and other insane stuff for a "perfect" and "simple to do" idea on a market with giants such as google (wallet), paypal, apple wallet(or how do they call it), right? I'd certainly keep that particular "perfect idea" mouth shut.

    I would really mind if I lost my money because someone had a really good idea without thinking about security.

    That being said, I actually welcome good ideas if the person proposing it has a clue about what's going on.
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    @KeyWeeUsr good point, I was more thinking about someone who has a clue though, and isn't a random idiot.
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    With my ISP I have something that does that. Based on who pays the connection you can buy stuff and it gets to your Internet bill. Most annoying stuff ever, get swindled 400€ a year or so. And there is no way to deactivate it of course
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