Does anyone else work for a DoD contractor? I am totally incompetent at my job and was wondering how long it would take for them to fire me.

I heard it’s harder since it’s a DoD contractor.

Not sure if I oversold myself in the interview of what but boy do I need a lot of help.

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    Don't be so harsh to yourself. Take it as a challenge to learn (quickly... ;-) )
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    Trying but not making must progress.

    I am the idiot in other people’s rant stories.
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    You can only recognize your own progress, by the number of idiots around you :-) the better you are, the greater the number... And don't mix it up with overconfidence.

    Seriously. Programming is no magic. Stick to the rules, read, learn and be open for new things is all it needs.
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    I have only been at this job for less than month but this is my only second job in tech. Before I was in risk/fraud and changed careers after 40. Also I a woman, but if you look over my comments I can hang with the boys.

    My question is, how do I omboard myself?

    There is only one guy who is a jerk we have the same title but he is defineately senior to me and he is the most knowledgeable. The other guy is nice but not as knowledgeable and kind of confusing to follow.
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    Don't think of others as junior or senior. There are people you can learn from and those who... Well... Did I mention the idiots?

    Sometimes (even if I call myself a senior developer) I have to learn things from a junior. Because he does stuff better than I did.

    It doesn't matter how old you are or what sex or whatever. The only thing that matters is the passion for tech. :-)
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    Just use your knowledge.

    My trainer said to me: if you act like a sacrificial animal, you become one.

    Respect all, also yourself. Take the time to learn, but do learn.
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    I find your honesty refreshing, you'll be a good dev!
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    the first step in getting better is knowing the things you lack. The biggest issue with learning development is wanting to really learn it imho. Stick to it, read, practice, talk to more experienced devs and don't think too lowly of your own skillset :> i know you will be fine, you just have to stick to it.
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    Fellow DoD Contactor dev here 👋 Yes, in the place I work it is well known that it’s super hard to get fired.
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    Thank God! I wish devrant had PM’s I would love some advice, this is my first DoD job.
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