Product Owner: "Our definition of done is putting it on production. So you are only done if it's on production. Otherwise our sprint goal is failed."

So we put it on production.

After deploy, some content manager appears: "Why is the system doing things? I was told this should not happen today."

"Erm, we have put the feature on production as we are only done if it's on production."

"Well, yes. But it should not be live yet!"

Oh well. Communication, or the lack thereof, does never fail to amaze me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    So, you need to ou in production but not live.... tell me more please XD
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    @shozukan there are many ways you can effectively achieve this friending on your application, things like API versioning, and feature toggles​.
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    Yes. Lack of communication. Like when you make important changes to production you must communicate about it.
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    Wow, that's retarded. How do you do when you have interlocking features/migration/whatever A and B, with only A scheduled on the sprint? You break production to achieve he sprint goal?
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    Feature toggles, people!
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