Excuse me Ubuntu.. what the fuck is your problem??? (Here I am waiting for fan boys standing for their favourite OS btw)

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    windows ftw
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    I heard Ubuntu means "I am too stupid to configure Debian" in some obscure african language.
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    @Mr-Myrk Close, the African language is Bantu and the actual correct translation is "An OS too stupid to recognize graphic adapters by itself"
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    @Manjia I don't think is ubuntu's fault. are you using a nvidia card or chipset?
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    That's not a fucked up GUI. It's just Linux subtly nudging you towards using the terminal in 80x25.
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    Step 1: Uninstall Ubuntu.
    Step 2: Install Windows.
    Step 3: Delete the installation file of ubuntu like you deleted your ex from your life. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @AbhishekDoshi windows? For development? Nope. Don’t get me wrong, my home machine runs windows and its great for music production, the occasional game and some photoshop/illustrator. But if I had to code on it, i’d murder someone after a week or so, mumbling something about my lost Debian
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    @AbhishekDoshi Step 4: Having Windows issues.
    Step 5: Ranting about Windows.
    Step 6: Going for Ubuntu (or even better, some more arcane distro) again, and repeating that cycle as quickly as possible.

    That will maximise the rant potential, which will result in maximum ++!
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    @AbhishekDoshi Looks like you know me as if you were my brother! XD XD XD
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    @Manjia yeah we are the ones which were separated during birthπŸ˜‚
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    @Mr-Myrk I actually develop a lot on both Windows and Ubuntu, Windows can be a confortable environment to develop for certain technologies, of course this does not apply to C++, but If you are developing for instance something in Unity there's no point in doing it under Ubuntu.. Windows sure sucks from many points of view (and I never miss a chance to rant on it), but its quite rare it prevents me from working with shitty issues like this one
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    Windows sucks, switch to lin.... Ehm wait
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    If ubuntu is too problematic, try Mint.
    Or, you know, look up the issue and fix it.
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    @dontbeevil I will, right when it will be able to work decently (so apparently never)
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    @Root 1970s tech was enough to figure out that the border towards the interstellar space beyond our solar system is pretty hard cut.

    2019 tech fails to figure out the resolution of a monitor one metre away from the PC.
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    @Manjia of course, you get a non-free os compared to ubuntu in drivers regards.

    Just keep on ranting on ubuntu, I'll enjoy it
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    @Fast-Nop Its not like modern tech is able to calculate images of black holes in another galaxy from a ton of images of basically noise - oh wait
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    Not saying that Linux is the best choice for you but blaming a kernel when one single distro doesn't work out for you..

    Maybe a graphics driver issue?
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    @JhonDoe At this point I'm just cheering for the "less worst" (that today appears to be windows).. Sad but true
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    @Mr-Myrk and then fails to display the images because of driver issues. :-)
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    @Fast-Nop Yes! Thank you bro!
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    @Manjia to be fair, Nvidia didn't even want to support linux until 2010 and even now their official drivers are quite subpar to the linux experience. We're in a quite a bit of an disadvantage compared to Windows. Especially for older or obscure chipsets its all on nvidia to release drivers and update their ppu... In my case kubuntu worked with my dedicated laptop nvidia card out of the box... But that's unfortunately not something the makers of ubuntu can affect all that much, this is entirely on the company making the drivers in most cases :(
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    @linuxxx Yes, I do blame the kernel because it does not work for me. Are there windows distros with issues about nvidia grapics? I don't think so, and the reason why there are not is that in 2019 this kind of shit is not acceptable
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    @Manjia Windows doesn't really have distro's in the way Linux does so I'd say you can't compare it this way.

    NVIDIA refuses to open source anything so it's insanely hard to get proper nvidia drivers for Linux, I blame that on nvidia, not on Linux (amd does support Linux and provides tons of open source drivers).

    But, by reverse engineering, we have quite some nvidia drivers now! Although, this would go way easier and faster if fucking nvidia would help us out.

    For the record, I'm not saying that this isn't an issue for you, too badly it is right now. But, have you tried another distro? Whenever this happens to me (although I use amd stuff and I don't even need separate drivers for my video card) I always try a different distro or two.

    For example, general Ubuntu, Kubuntu and fedora systems don't work well on my GDP Pocket but Ubuntu Mate has an iso officially supporting this tiny laptop and that works great! Installed KDE plasma onto it by hand and now its literally like I'm running Kubuntu on it πŸ˜„
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    @Manjia So, who's fault is it? Not Canonicals (they are just using the kernel), not Linux' (because the developers do not make the driver) but Nvidias.
    Nvidia actively prevent decent Linux drivers.
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    next argument will be "that's not acceptable in 2019"
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    @linuxxx Ok, so, for definitely reasonable motivations, Ubuntu is inferior to Windows (which to me sucks, to be fair)

    I agree on this point
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    @Manjia I respectfully disagree. I'm wondering how you got that from my comment?

    I'm not saying that Linux is the best solution for everyone but I've ran it with much pleasure for nearly 10 years now and I've worked as a Linux server engineer for two years :)
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    @JhonDoe Well, I don't find it acceptable in 2019 that most games aren't Linux compatible yet so.... :)

    (Although thank god for Steam Play which allows me to run 80 percent of my windows only games seamlessly on windows!)
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    @sbiewald False. nVidia always made publicly available drivers for linux.
    Granted, the quality is no where near windows, but then again, why do you even have a video card ? All you need is 640x480 and command line
    Not like you’ll be playing video games.
    Question, is CUDA supported on linux now ? If not : Sucks for video editors
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    @linuxxx That Linux doesn't have nice 3d performance with Nvidia cards because Nvidia doesn't support driver development - yeah, that's reasonable.

    But come on, figuring out the display resolution should work, and I'm 83% sure it does in some other distro so that the problem is actually solved. At least somewhere.

    And that is a Linux issue, this fragmentation where stuff doesn't work across distros. Have issue A with distro X? Just use distro Y. Oh that has issue B. Nevermind, just use distro Z. Damn now C doesn't work. And then the thread is long enough that someone asks you why you don't just use distro X.

    There are just too many distros out there that bind too many maintainer resources to do the same work in parallel.
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    @NoToJavaScript How does the availability of software describe the quality of it?

    It is true that drivers exist since a decade, but this does not describe their quality.

    Additionally - but I'm not sure - Canonical might not be allowed to ship the installation media with the (proprietary) drivers, but I think they changed this with Ubuntu 19.10 even with the legal concerns.

    Oh, and by the way: Have you checked under "drivers" (or is it called "additional drivers") if the correct ones are installed?
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    @NoToJavaScript And by the way, too: CUDA is supported since at least three years.
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    @linuxxx how many times i saw people blaming windows for a non windows issue, and of course most of comments agree, without even know... Most of times you see comments like "windows sucks, switch to linux"... And it's somehow funny that when it comes to linux, they accurately specify where could be the problem, but never on linux of course
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    @sudocode Her reasoning is beyond stupid. Nvidia is NOT playing in the same sand box at all. Your sandbox is so small, they don’t want to play in it.

    nVidia doesn’t care about Desktop Linux market (If it’s even a thing : 2% market share in 2019, spread on hundreds on distros). Out of these 2%, maybe 0.1% has Nvidia card.

    So why in the world they spend ANY time to “play nice with Linux” ?

    I’m not saying it’s good or bad. I’m saying they have no commercial incentives for it.
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    @dontbeevil You're such a microsoft fanboy.
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    @AbhishekDoshi You mean calling it every time you drank a little too much and reinstall it. Just to realize it is still not working, and you again put all your heart in it the next day to configure it and then uninstall it again and repeat two weeks late ;-P
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    This usually happens when you try to switch from nvidia back to noveau driver. So fked up
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    @Root so if someone blame linux for a non linux problem, and someone tell him this, it's fine (and make sense)

    If someone blame windows, for a non windows problem, people tell "windows sucks, switch to linux, it's fine (for people like you)

    If someone put on evidence that's not a windows issue, it's a fanboy (for people like you)

    Makes totally sense /s

    So if I'm a fanboy what are you?
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    @dontbeevil I think the fragmentation is both a good and a bad thing. Bad for the reasons fast nop described, but good for the reason that we have distro's which are specially made for use cases.
    There is no general distro which works well with my GDP pocket but Ubuntu Mate made one with specific support for this laptop, I don't think you'd have specific use cases like this if there wasn't any fragmentation.

    As for Nvidia, I'd solely blame them for this issue. If they'd be cooperative then devs could develop compatible drivers or fix existing issues way more easily.
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    @dontbeevil As for your fanboy comment, I'm definitely not a fanboy for as far as I'm aware. Sometimes people just bring arguments (like here) which aren't entirely true IMO and then I try to explain my view on it.

    For example, someone in this thread said that windows doesn't have this kind of stuff with drivers, which is simply incorrect.
    I was at a birthday party this weekend where someone had a laptop (windows 10) where the sound suddenly stopped working. Windows said theres definitely a speaker but no sound comes out of it. Tried reinstalling the vendor drivers (only ones available) and reboot a few times but still nothing. I'd say that is a driver issue (not specifically windows, but a driver issue ON windows). So I'd blame the software vendor, not windows itself.

    The OP has a driver issue ON Linux. I'd blame Nvidia for that, not Linux, since NVidia made the goddamn driver.
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    @linuxxx For someone who claims not to be a fanboy you sure stand a lot..
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    @linuxxx i was not referring to you, you're not one of many linux nazis, that goes in any windows rant, often it's not windows fault, or they don't even know what's the ecenqrio and write things like "windows sucks, switch to linux, linux ftw"... And you're not the one that after stated this facts got called even fanboy... Of course for the second time that i point it out she disappear

    P. S.
    If you're not one of them, you shouldn't feel touched from my words
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    @EclipseMain XD
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