Does anyone else really dislike "foo", "bar" and "baz"? Because fuck me I do. My brain can't process that stuff, I need some actual real world context.

or, maybe i'm just dumb.

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    Real world context? Half of programming is abstraction. There is often not a real world equivalent. I guess if you need real words you could use cat, dog, bat, etc. How is that better?

    Saying foo, bar, baz is like saying: I have this programming thing I want to talk about, here is a random variable, function, or object.

    Also, you are not dumb. Some things just don't click right away, or ever.
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    It sounds incredibly dumb.
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    @Demolishun Yes, I would gladly settle with cats and dogs, it is just as random as foo and bar + the addition of actually having some context without actually implying any context.
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    It confuses me more when there is real world context and ppl use things like dis!
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    That's furchtbar.
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    If the library is not for one single purpose then it's really difficult to come up with examples of how to use the library without adding confusion of they make it look like real world examples. Which part of the example is from the library or named like thay/done that way because of the real world example? What if your real world use case is similar but not quite the same? What do you use and not use?
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    @cmarshall10450 cats and dogs or todo and todoitems, naturally.
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    @theuser a todo list is the HelloWorld of any good Web framework.
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