must be a hell of a front-end.....
Yes this is a Frontend Dev Job :)

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    regular full-stack a.d. 2019
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    its sad that all frontend jobs in my country have all those listed as requirments.
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    Yeah, why whouldn't you write your FE code in 4 different languages?

    So the API requests are generated by JavaScript, then sent to a C++ app that the client needs to download and install so it can encrypt it and send it to our Apache server which will redirect it to a C# backend that decrypts it and pushes it further into the actual Java backend that will read the request, make MySQL call to fetch data and then send that to a PHP app that will use the data to dynamically generate the resulting HTML5 with CSS3 that can now be saved as index_userid.html and thus the javaScript can call window.location to refresh the new content!

    Modern one page design at its best
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    @Hazarth this makes perfect sense. but as you said the backend is in C# and Java :D so this wouldnt affect me as a fe dev
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