I had a question about how much I want to be paid from an interview

I need to know how much I should be payed

I am in end of my IT engineer degree and I am applying for a back-end developer position in Prague


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    Idk how much it should be, but i got an offer of 800€ starting as a junior back end.
    Should note that im not in Prague, but somewhere in Europe
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    That depends on how much experience you have.
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    @Mr-Myrk With all previous internship I did, I had atleast 1 year in back-end with Php, python and js framework
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    im not from Prague, but dont you have something like glassdoor to see average pay rates?

    Some juniors earn more then i do.. depends where in the world you are and what the company is willing to pay and the area of expertise you are going into.

    Not all locations, positions or companies are equal.
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    Surely the only answer is it's negotiable
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    Around 2200€ monthly wage would be okay.. (I'm from Israel)
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    If you wete hiring a junior backend dev, what would be a reasonable amount to pay?

    Also, how much would make you satisfied yet aiming for more?
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    Apparently the average salary is 690000 czk. So I would guess somewhere around half this figure.


    BTW, you want to be paid (as you said in your first paragraph) and not payed (as you said in the second paragraph). Payed means to cover in hot tar, it is what you do to the deck of a ship .
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    3500,- CZK per manday
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    In the Netherlands and there are websites where you can compare salary by area and job and years of experience.
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    @nibor thanks!
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