Ah yes, who doesn't like descriptive error messages?

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    better then {status: "ok", message: "yea, no that didnt work"}
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    Oh yes, my favourite response from google dialogflow. Code 200. Response: { aLotOfCrap: 'yes', status: 'go to hell' }
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    In JS and TS projects I care less about descriptive errors and more about uniqueness. For example if someone wrote the error “mackerel_fish” I can find it in the code easily because what are the chances of another similarly named error. It is searchable. If they call the error “x” I lose my cool.
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    @C0D4 ikr. Love it when an API return 200 "Failed to create resource"
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    Unfortunately this was a message from an API.
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    @msdsk Oh you think this is bad you should see how Microsoft Dynamics API works. Everything is a post request that returns a 200. If a query isn’t successful there is a boolean flag included in the json response. You may get a bunch of the data but the flag is false you have no idea why it partially retrieved records.
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    @Hazarthim I'm used to dealing with apis that don't use header status codes correctly, soap is great for that.

    But there is generally a {status: true/false} or similar to work with.

    But when that flag gives false messages and you're relying on error messages, that's where I cringe working with these systems.
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    @norboerg ganna start doing this to you 😂😂 seeing as nobody appreciates my validation messages!! (Hope I got the tag right!)
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    @msdsk would be better if it was 302 with location hell
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