Holy shit. I've been working on a project for the last few months. It's been going fairly well all things considered. We're currently at the tail-end of the project and are set to be dev complete next Friday.

We're on a headless CMS + Gatsby and decided to use a front-end framework (This is important to the story) to "speed development time."

PM comes to me yesterday and inquires about functional/visual QA on IE11. IE-What?! This framework I was told I had to use doesn't support IE11.. like.. at all, and now we need to support IE11, at the ass-end of this project, cause 60% of the traffic on their current site uses IE11? Oh come on!

So its looking like we get to re-write a few components from scratch. Then we get to try and fix the display issues for the other ones... FML, I was looking forward to being done with this so I could take a week off and go recharge before Thanksgiving garbage.

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    Start breaking IE rendering, traffic will move to edge, chrome and Firefox or that damn Nintendo switch user 🙁

    Yes there's some drop offs with users who won't use anything else although I've found if you break it, they'll find a way to continue using it.
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