C is just plain Savage in everyway

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    Segmentation Fault (Core dumped)
    aka. the "fuck you" - error
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    @Katakompe aka, the error that just says, "you fucked up, but I'm not gonna tell you how you fucked up. Now go spend 50 million hours trying to figure out what went wrong."
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    Python if you *try* hard as you might to put your hand on the red hot stove it'll intercept your hand 99.9999 percent of the time. C, go right ahead and when it's cooked feel free to then eat your own hand meat. That's quite kind considering I'm thinking of real mode programming rather than protected memory. I love when you accidentally over right into the graphics / sound buffer.
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    @DoreKnob well, you know how you fucked up. You screwed up the physical memory space by reading/writing a part of it you don't own (ever or anymore)

    And it's impossible to know where from the compilers perspective, you could've deleted a variable at the beginning of execution and then write into it at the end and all it can tell you is "at this line, segmentation fault"
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    @Hazarth How do you enable information about the line?
    I always only get "segmentation fault (core dumped)" as error text
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    @Katakompe its not an option, but a feature of the debugger, so you need to run it in debug mode when it crashes, as you should while debugging a problem. If you need to catch it in production you have to sprinkle logs around your code, but that you should do anyway too, nothing beats a good logging practice in the long run
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    ahh yes, the good old print all the strings that you have problems with and fuck with that memcpy cuz you have forgotten how it works...
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    You probably haven't seen how much more helpful Java/C# messages are.
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    python is to Google as C is to Bing
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    My experience with python is: "everything is okay dude" with a big explosion in the background.
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    Rust errors are like. Alright I get it no need rub it on my face
    Node.js(javascript) errors: What the clusterf*ck!
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